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Office Clearance

Office Clearance

Clean, efficient, reliable office clearance, rubbish collection, removal and recycling - see areas we cover

Office rubbish removal? Bin that clutter!

Our office clearance service includes the clearance, removal and disposal of office junk of any type or volume.

Maybe you're throwing out ageing filing cabinets, desks or chairs, ditching old computers, printers, fax machines and photocopiers, or finally letting go of old files, archives or library stock? Whatever the challenge, you can depend upon our services for clean and reliable office waste removal and recycling.

Our fully trained teams gather up and load up all your junk for you - no matter what your Somerset, Devon or Dorset location.

It is then transported in shiny new purpose-built trucks and disposed of using safe, secure and environmentally sound techniques through our supporting network of local charities and material recycling facilities.

Also as part of our office clearance service, we can offer a cleaning service tailored to meet your requirements, starting from a basic clean to a deep thorough clean, this can also include a tidy up of neglected car parks and exterior areas - making your property more attractive for the resale or re-letting.